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Formulas included in the Mechanical Engineering Fluids Properties Spreadsheet

Mole Fractions
Kinematic Viscosity
Osmotic Pressure

Fluid Pressure and Vacuum
Absolute Pressure
Fluid Pressure

Mass & Density
API Hydrometer Scale
Baume' Hydrometer Scale
Density: Slugs vs. Lbm
Ideal Gas Law
Specific Gravity of a Gas: Equivalent Ratios
Specific Gravity of a Liquid
Specific Volume
Specific Weight of a Fluid

Shear Stress
Proportionality of Pressure to Rate of Strain
Fluid Shear Stress

Surface Tension
Two-sided Rectangular Film

Capillary Action
Height of Liquid in a Capillary Tube
Radius of the Meniscus
Surface tension in a Capillary Tube

Coefficient of Compressibility
Compressibility for Adiabatic Ideal Gas Processes
Compressibility for Isothermal Ideal Gas Processes
Compressibility in Terms of Partial Derivatives
Density of a Compressible Fluid

Bulk Modulus
Secant Bulk Modulus
Tangent (or Point) Bulk Modulus
Bulk Modulus and Compressibility

Speed of Sound
Mach Number of an Object
Speed of Sound Due to Temperature Change
Speed of Sound for a Liquid
Speed of Sound for an Ideal Gas

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