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Formulas included in the Electrical Engineering (AC Circuits) Spreadsheet

Average Voltage
Phase Angle Difference
Rectangular Voltage
Voltage Regulation
Form Factor
Crest Factor
Impedance in Parallel
Impedance in Series
Impedance Triangle
Rectangular Impedance
Rectangular Admittance
Rectangular Admittance
Power in a Resistive Circuit
Power Stored in a Capacitor
Power Stored in an Inductor
Radiated Power
Parallel RL Circuit
Series RL Circuit
Parallel RC Circuit
Series RC Circuit
Parallel RLC Circuit
Series RLC Circuit
Energy Stored

Half-Power Point
Quality Factor
Quality Factor in RLC Parallel Circuit
Quality Factor in RLC Series Circuit
High-Pass Filter Circuit
Low-Pass Filter Circuit
Change in Reactive Power
Complex Power
Power Factor
Power Cost
Coefficient of Coupling
Induced Voltage
Magnetic Flux
Mutual Reactance
Ideal Transformer Effective Primary Impedance
Ideal Transformer Secondary Current
Ideal Transformer Turns Ratio
Real Transformer Power Losses
Real Transformer Efficiency
Two-Port Transformer
Transmission Line Characteristic Impedance
Transmission Line Reflection Coefficient
Transmission Line Standing Wave Ratio
Transmission Line Velocity Factor
Impedance Model
Admittance Model
Hybrid Model

Here is a sample image of what a portion of the Electrical Engineering (AC Circuits) Spreadsheet looks like:

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