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Formulas included in the Engineering Economics Spreadsheet

Bond Present Worth
Effective Annual Rate
Exponential Gradient Cash Flow
Investment Doubling Time
Investment Tripling Time
Single - Payment Equivalence
Discrete Compounding Conversions
Average Sales Per Day
Cash Flow Coverage Financial Ratio
Current Financial Ratio
Days Sales Outstanding
Debt Financial Ratio
Earnings Per Share
Fixed Assets Turnover Financial Ratio
Inventory Turnover Financial Ratio
Market / Book Financial Ratio
Price / Earnings Financial Ratio
Profit Margin On Sales
Quick Financial Ratio Or Acid Test Financial Ratio
Return On Common Equity
Return On Total Assets

Times-Interest-Earned Financial Ratio
Total Assets Turnover Financial Ratio
Annualized Cost Method
Capitalized Cost Method
Present Worth Method
Cost / Benefit Ratio
Constant Percentage Depreciation Method
Double Declining Balance Depreciation Method
Production Or Service Output Depreciation Method
Sinking Fund Depreciation Method
Straight Line Depreciation Method
Sum-Of-The-Years' Digits Depreciation Method
Double Declining Balance Book Value Method
Straight Line Book Value Method
Sum-Of-The-Years' Digits Book Value Method
Direct Reduction Loans
Loans With Constant Amount Paid Towards Principle
Simple Interest Loan
Economic Order Quantity
Payback Period

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